Sankh Naad 2020 Bhubaneswar

Sankh Naad 2020 Bhubaneswar

Project details

Sankh Naad Bhubaneswar-2020



This event is the annual partner recognition event of Safe Shop India done regularly every year in Bhubaneswar by Team EWL . We have done this event on 10th Feb 2020 at Soa Auditorium, Bhubaneswar.  This event is a gathering of total 2000 participants.

What We Have Managed in This Event:

  1. Venue Booking Management
  2. All The Branding Management
  3. All The Merchandise Management
  4. Food and Beverage Management
  5. Man Power Management
  6. Entertainment Activity
  7. Guest Management
  8.  All The Printing Works